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An independent, locally owned publishing company.

CITYVIEW publisher Shane Goodman adamantly states that the most important — and most often overlooked — department in a publishing company is distribution. “You can  publish the best newspapers or magazines in the world, but if they don’t get in the hands of readers, they are irrelevant,” he said.

That’s why Goodman personally took on the management of CITYVIEW’s distribution when he first started as publisher of the newspaper. Frustrated by other delivery options, he created more efficient routes, hired dependable drivers and scrutinized the amounts delivered and returned from each location to ensure that papers were being picked up and read. Then he taught others to do the same. The results have been amazing, as CITYVIEW is now delivered to more than 700 locations with a 96 percent pickup rate.

In 2005, Goodman and a group of other central Iowa independent publishers met to discuss ways to work together to benefit all involved. One of the key topics was  distribution, as each of those at the meeting published a free distribution newspaper or magazine. When Goodman shared how CITYVIEW’s distribution improved, others asked if we could manage their deliveries, too.

Today, contract drivers for Big Green Umbrella Media (BGUM), the parent company of CITYVIEW, deliver all the company’s publications including CITYVIEW, Relish, and Explore Des Moines. BGUM now also delivers Welcome Home, DSM, Wow, Apartment magazine and other newspapers and magazines owned by independent publishers.

By providing affordable and cost effective detailed delivery and return lists and the ability for publishers to choose from more than 1,000 locations, BGUM Distribution Services has become the preferred method for delivery. The personal and professional staff provides dependable and flexible service for weekly, monthly or annual publications.

For more information, contact Mike Chiston, distribution manager, at 515-953-4822, ext. 304 or email mike@dmcityview.com.

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