8101 Birchwood Ct., Suite D
Johnston, IA 50131
(515) 953-4822

An independent, locally owned publishing company.


Deliver CITYVIEW magazines to local businesses in central Iowa on the first Wednesday and Thursday of each month. Also deliver other publications as available on other weeks. This is an independent contractor delivery position.

Earn $2.50 per delivery, per location. On an average route, one delivery can be made every 5 minutes. So, in an hour’s time, 12 deliveries should be able to be made, earning the driver up to $30 per hour. The first delivery will take longer as the driver learns the route, but this will become quite efficient by the third cycle.

Driver must have a dependable and appropriate vehicle with proof of insurance and be responsible for timely deliveries and have any backups necessary to be sure the delivers are completed on time.

Driver must be able to lift bundles of up to 25 pounds to waist height and carry bundles short distances repeatedly from driver’s vehicle to rack locations.

This is NOT a quick-money scheme. We are NOT looking for drivers to do this once and quit.

This IS a consistent, long-term earnings opportunity that will improve over time and provide exercise and the ability to enjoy the outdoors.

Call or text Mike Chiston, distribution manager, at  814-574-0776 or email mike@dmcityview.com.

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